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Strangers In The Night - Lester Lanin - Nude Mini Deluxe - 3 (Vinyl)


  1. Frank Sinatra originally recorded Strangers in the Night written by Charles Singleton, Bert Kaempfert and Eddie Snyder and Frank Sinatra released it on the single Strangers in the Night in It was covered by The Ray Charles Singers, Orquestra Som Bateau, Ike Moriz, David Seering and other artists.
  2. Imagine if someone set out to write a ghost story that was a combination of The Shining and The Haunting of Hill House, with some forgotten-in-ten-years current events tied in and then the movies The Wicker Man and The Craft came along and vomited over everything. The result is Chris Bohjalian's The Night Strangers. I can't even do a The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly-style review, because it's /5(K).
  3. Genre sivu Comment by Carlo Luis M. Garcia. TZ Comment by Leah Scott. im sure Frank Sinatra would approve of this. TZ Comment by User My nanna’s favourite song,played at the funeral.
  4. Strangers In The Night (Expanded Edition)Strangers in the Night marked Frank Sinatra's return to the top of the pop charts in the mid-'60s, and it consolidated the comeback he started in Although he later claimed he disliked the title track, the album was an inventive, rich effort from Sinatra, one that established him as a still-viable.
  5. Oct 23,  · The code words on the acetate - "Strangers In The Night" - betray its shadowy, conspiratorial intent. But was a different world. Sinatra hit Number One in Britain at the end of May, displacing the Rolling Stones ("Paint It Black"), and Number One in America shortly thereafter, seeing off the Beatles ("Paperback Writer").
  6. As a long time and avid Sinatra fan and collector, Strangers in the Night, especially on vinyl is a must have album. It is Frank and Nelson Riddle at the top of each others game. Considering this first came out in , the music and orchestrations holds up remarkably well today. I was still in HS at the time Strangers was climbing as a top 10 /5().
  7. Nov 16,  · Strangers In the Night · Andre Kostelanetz & His Orchestra · Charles Singleton · Eddie Snyder · Bert Kaempfert The Kostelanetz Sound of Today ℗ Originally released
  8. Available on vinyl are some of Frank Sinatras most popular titles. 'Strangers' in the Night’ is a studio album by Frank Sinatra. It marked Sinatra's return to #1 on the pop album charts in the mids, featuring the hit tracks 'Strangers in the Night' and 'Summer Wind.'/5().
  9. The song Strangers in the Night was written by Charles Singleton, Eddie Snyder and Bert Kaempfert and was first recorded and released by Frank Sinatra in It was adapted from Beddy Bye (Charles Singleton, Eddie Snyder and Bert Kaempfert). It was covered by Emílio Santiago, Cristina Levine, The Ray Charles Singers, Orquestra Som Bateau and other artists.

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